With “Ready”, Alborosie and Jo Mersa Marley send heavy words and sounds

"Ready" is available, since last Friday, on all download platforms

Strong lyrics and a “martial” rhythm characterize Alborosie’s new track, “Ready”, featuring Jo Mersa Marley, released on July 24 by VP Records.


Roots Reggae fans already know that when Alborosie arrives with a new song, he doesn’t come for fun and games but to mark the spirits. So everyone stands ready to listen to what the star comes to say and, this time, he is not alone because “Ready” is the result of a collaboration with Jo Mersa Marley.

The song begins with a “call to action” (are you ready, are you ready?) where the two artists ask that we come first to praise Jah because he is the conqueror. Then, the bass guitar resounds, the lyrics bang, here are some of them: good ones get the prayers, while ah sentence for the slayers, start tun on the heat on each and every level every layers, we ah send out crocodiles pon dih acres, we true to dih game not fih dih fame (…) we a rasta, we nah beg no favor (…) here’s a warning to all the enemies here’s a warning to all the nemesis no genocide, this is the genesis (…) music a me weapon so me don’t need no gun, no evil heart welcome in a Jah Jah kingdom (…) gunfluence the youth them like a virus (corona) (…) whenever you see the lion keep that same energy (…)” In short, it’s heavy.

Natasha VonCastle at VP Records – the label of this new song – says that “this song is deeper than the depths of the oceans”. Bravo, we could not have found better!

In any case, those who have something to blame themselves for will certainly feel concerned and improve their behaviour, we hope, the others will stay on the right track, whether they are Rastas or not.

This is not the first time that Alberto D’Ascola “Alborosie” – born in Sicily (Italy) in 1977 and having “married” Jamaica and the Rastafari movement in 2001 – worked with a member of the family of legendary Bob Marley. After Ky-Many Marley who participated in his album “Sound The System” in 2013, this year it is the turn of Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley (grandson of Bob Marley and son of Stephen Marley) to collaborate with him.

Jo Mersa, now 29 years old, studied studio engineering at Miami Dade University, he started his career in June 2014 with a six-track EP entitled “Comfortable” and recorded with Etana the song “Thy Will Be Done” that same year.

The track “Ready” is available, since last Friday, on all download platforms.