Our grandmothers danced very well quadrille

For 9 years, the cultural association “Akadémiduka”, founded in 1986 by the well-known Jacqueline Cachemire-Thôle and currently chaired by Nadia Pater, has been inviting the associations of the archipelago of Guadeloupe to “On Bon Maten, O Komandman”, to celebrate Grandmothers’ Day and the quadrille.

On bon maten, o komandman 106
These people were received with a short speech by Nadia Pater, the current President of Akadémiduka who launched “On Bon Maten O Komandman” in 2009.

This year, among the dance associations (and especially those that perpetuate quadrille), there were : “Mouvman Kilturèl Grelin” from Saint-Louis in Marie-Galante island; “Bwa Banbou” from Port-Louis; “Adékwat” from Les Abymes; “Cadences et Traditions” from Sainte-Anne; “Flè a Bambou” from Baie-Mahault; “Kamodjaka” from Morne-à-L’Eau; “Les Bons Amis” from Sainte-Anne; “Les Cuisinières de la Guadeloupe” from Pointe-à-Pitre; “La Maison des Aînés de Baie-Mahault” from Baie-Mahault; “Moun Gran Fon Moul” from Le Moule; “Quabiska” from Pointe-à-Pitre; “Zéphyrs” from Saint-Claude; “Zikak 2000” from Capesterre Belle-Eau; “Akadémiduka” from Pointe-à-Pitre not forgetting “Les Grenadiers” on their Motobécane Grenat…

This Sunday, March 4, these ladies who wore their most beautiful traditional dresses from Guadeloupe and their finest jewels – accompanied by these very elegant gentlemen and young people – gathered on Place de la Victoire in Pointe-à-Pitre then, around 10:00 am, they went by foot and in music to the Memorial ACTe. During this beautiful and colourful parade, the crowd (including many tourists) had an opportunity to look at them, photograph them and film them. Fifteen minutes later, these people were received with a short speech by Nadia Pater, the current President of Akadémiduka who launched “On Bon Maten O Komandman” in 2009 with Josée Turlepin, the communications officer and members of the association. The traditional dance show began with gwoka performed by the young dancers of Akadémiduka and continued with quadrille by the various associations on the beautiful Place de la Commémoration of the Memorial ACTe. Every year, the success of this cultural event which also aims to ensure the transmission of Guadeloupean heritage (for example concerning music, dance, sewing, clothing) to the younger generation, is growing.