La Insuperable continues her tour of the USA and celebrates her award

Considered one of the most outstanding urban singers in the country, La Insuperable is currently touring the United States, where she will take the best of her repertoire to Boston Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Washington, Miami. Then, she will go to Puerto Rico.

Indhira Ircania Luna, real name of La Insuperable, celebrates the success she achieved in her career in the middle of this tour, organised by Uproductions corp King of Booking “Ulloa Productions”. She stopped to be present at the Soberano’s ceremony.

Thanks to the video of the song “Tengo derecho”, the outstanding urban singer, won the award in the category “Video of the year 2020” during the recent edition of the Soberano Award.

The music video for the single directed by Rodrigo Films, one of the country’s most remarkable directors, was produced by Big Trueno, and has more than 12 million views on YouTube.

In this category of “Video of the Year 2020”, Shadow Blow, Ilegales, Techy Fatule and Vakeró were nominated. La Insuperable was also nominated in the “Urban Artist of the Year 2019” category, along with Chimbala, El Alfa, El Nene La Amenazzy and Musicologo ; in the “Collaboration of the Year 2019” category for her song “Sola” along with Miriam Cruz, a category that also included Romeo Santos, El Chaval, Elvis Martinez, Mozart La Para, Shadow Blow.

La Insuperable 2

“If there is something I always try to stand out for, it is to offer the public quality work. That’s why, for the realisation of the video for “Tengo derecho”, we worked so hard and in the end the work was worth it”, explained the urban singer.

With “Tengo derecho”, La Insuperable sends a message of strength to women to claim their right to stand out and not be underestimated.

It should be noted that the performer received praise from fashion experts for the styling she used at the awards ceremony she attended with her husband and manager, singer Toxic Crow. She stood out with a creation by Edith Castillo.

La Insuperable 3