Happy New Year 2023 to all our readers in the Caribbean and around the world…in this “uncertain” atmosphere !

Uncertain, this is the word that best describes the future of your kariculture.net magazine, at the beginning of 2023. Indeed, many questions must now be answered. For example:

How can “small” private media, especially digital media, survive when the Guadeloupean advertising market is “padlocked” by traditional media?

How can we understand that our policy-makers grant large sums of money to already dominant traditional media to the detriment of emerging media What is the knowledge of our political executives, who often talk about innovation, about the digital press?

Why do these same policy-makers refuse to admit that diversity of media in a country is the guarantee of a good democracy?

How can we understand that the “executives” who are responsible for informing these same elected representatives take important decisions when they know absolutely nothing about the media sector in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean and elsewhere?

Is a media dedicated to Guadeloupean culture and to Caribbean culture in general useless in the eyes of our policy-makers?

Is the Caribbean a “gimmick” for our political leaders?

Guadeloupe was announced by specialists as one of the “oldest regions of France” (with Martinique) in the coming years, do our local policy-makers plan to bury the Guadeloupean culture with each “old man” and “old woman”?

Is the disappearance of the Guadeloupean culture planned?

Following an incomplete report on the media in the archipelago, a “General Assessment of Media in Guadeloupe” had been announced at the end of 2020 but this project was quickly put in a dusty drawer because the answers to be given frighten many people who have an interest in keeping the current situation unchanged.

Kariculture.net wishes its readers in the Caribbean and around the world a happy new year 2023 in this “uncertain” atmosphere.