Massiel Taveras enters the U.S. market with “I’m all the women”

The play was successful presented at the legendary Hudson Theater in Hollywood on Wednesday, September 7.


After consolidating herself in theater in the Dominican Republic and standing out in film productions, Massiel Taveras made her debut with her play “Yo soy todas” under the adaptation “I’m All The Women” at the legendary Hudson Theater in Hollywood on Wednesday, September 7.

The actress, who managed to enter the Anglo-Saxon market with a play that was described by those present as “great, powerful, visceral, challenging and very varied”, made many people laugh and cry with her 19 characters, whose dialogues were entirely in English.

With a sold-out presentation, the premiere of Massiel’s “I’m All The Women” received a red carpet featuring American celebrities and media, as well as international agency Getty Images.

Massiel Taveras 2

“It’s wonderful to see how people who don’t understand Spanish enjoy so much the flame with which we Dominicans tell in their language. Everything we do or say seems funny to Americans and it helped me a lot”, explained the actress.

She also added : “I thank God for revealing this genius story to me, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and excitement as I see my dreams come true in this great city. Only God and I know how long the road has been, but here we are, performing in a legendary theater”.

Massiel, who is currently residing in Los Angeles, offered a dynamic and vibrant show that kept everyone in suspense until the end.