The Caribbean at Marie-Galante Terre de Blues Festival

Since its creation in 2000, several artists from the American and African continent are regularly invited to perform at the Festival de Marie-Galante Terre de Blues which takes place on this island in the Guadeloupean archipelago. Among them, Macéo Parker, Lucky Peterson, James JT Taylor, Sisters Sledge and Chic & Nile Rodgers from the USA, Manu Dibango from Cameroon, Omar Pène and Ismaël Lo from Senegal, Keziah Jones from Nigeria, Alpha Blondy from the Ivory Coast, Myriam Makéba, Johnny Clegg and the Soweto Gospel Choir from South Africa or Lokua Kanza from Congo. However, the thousands of spectators also wait for the Caribbean artists so that’s the reason why the organizers invite many of them to this very coveted stage during the Pentecost period.

Here are a few famous names from the last ten years…

Terre de blues 10

Raúl Paz (2013)
Albita (2012)
Alfredo de la Fe (2010)
Tradición Habanera (2003)

Exile One (2016)
Triple Kay (2012)
Midnight Groovers (2011)

Mighty Sparrow (2004)

Jean Jean Roosevelt (2014)
Strings (2013)
Émeline Michel (2011)
Bélo (2010)
Tanbou Guiné (2001)

Konshens (2016)
Beres Hammond (2016)
Jimmy Cliff (2015)
Barrington Lévy (2014)
Damian “Jr Gong” Marley (2013)
Richie Spice (2012)
Anthony B (2011)
Morgan Heritage (2010)
Capleton (2009)
Steel Pulse (2008)
Beenie Man (2007)

Elles & Elles (2016)
Guy Vadeleux & O’Tantik (2015)
E.SY Kennenga (2014)
Mizik O Péyi Big Bang (2013)
Kwaxicolor (2012)
Victor O (2010)
Madinn’k (2011)
Valérie Louri (2009)
Mario Canonge (2002)

Marlow Rosado (2015)
Tito Puente Jr (2014)
Choco Orta (2011)

Ruby Perez (2008)

Youth Waves (2006)

K’Koustik (2016)
Mado Ladrézeau (2016)
Nostalgia (2015)
Alain Jean-Marie (2015)
Yvon Anzala (2015)
Misié Sadik (2015)
Kan’Ifis (2014)
G’Ny (2014)
Kassav’ (2013)
Admiral T (2013)
FM Laeti (2012)
Christian Laviso Ft David Murray (2012)
Jean-Michel Rotin (2011)
Alka Omeka (2010)
Soft (2010)
Yann Négrit (2009)
Mounkaraib (2008)
Rico Toto (2008)
Malika Tirolien (2008)
Patrick Saint-Éloi (2008)
Akiyo (2007)