Locomotora Musical: A taxi driver who became famous DJ in the USA

As one of the pioneers of live mixing, Juan Carlos Cuello García, better known as Locomotora Musical, has won the affection of the public who follows him for his fine selection of musical hits, strolling through different rhythms, mainly tropical.

The young native of Barahona, who lives in the United States, would never have imagined that his concerns about innovating in the mixes would be so successful and now he is beginning to see the fruits of his hard work. In this pandemic situation, he has consolidated himself as the absolute master of the Lives on Instagram of different genres, including even romantic music, reaching countless sponsors in each broadcasting.

He is currently in Dominican territory completing an extensive tour of presentations and visits to media outlets, where he will share with his followers about his debut and history in the industry after passing through different entertainment establishments.

With an undisputable international fame, he is the most recognized DJ in Puerto Rico, St Marteen, Miami, St Thomas, Aruba and before the pandemic he had some tours scheduled to Europe, Houston Texas, Colombia and Santo Domingo, where he will set a record for a DJ living abroad with 34 shows in 30 days.

He has a work team made up of Dioscoride Castillo, David Sonido, Henry Solano, Alberto Tamares-Poyaco Graf and Rubén Jiménez, who support his career and focus on his versatility.

Locomotora Musical 2

About Locomotora Musical

From an early age he loved music, which was taught to him by his uncle Manuel Eligio García. He started as a musician at the age of 15 and was nicknamed “El Maestrico”. At the age of 18 he started as a DJ at the Orlando discotheque in the Herrera sector, on that occasion thanks to the support of DJ O’Neal who at that time was one of the best DJs in Santo Domingo.

He created a close relationship with several artists, among them Maceo, Shelow Shaq, Chiquito Timbal, Julián Oro Duro, Quique Mangú, Omega and others, with whom he shared different shows. He ventured into the Disco Light business, from where he transcended himself as Locomotora Musical, a name that has allowed him to achieve popularity.

For a while he worked as a taxi driver, which prompted his followers to call him “The Music Taxi Driver”. This young entrepreneur who had Disco-Light, was both a taxi driver and a DJ, with professional experience in important liquor companies in the country.

After moving to New York, his mixes were uploaded by his friend DJ Tapa, who was one of his employees. These mixes began to be shared on digital platforms, achieving a great success. He entered as a DJ in some NY nightclubs, such as O’Side, Marbella, Lucky7, Sabana Lounge, Krystal, El Tropical, among others, and recorded his work every night. He was accompanied by those who follow him in the clubs for his peculiar form of animation.