Irie Keef is preparing her very first live physical concert

Irie Keef, René Geoffroy and Claudy

Following the release of her single “Tan é Sézon” last January, Guadeloupean singer and her musicians will perform live on the stage of L’Appart in Baie-Mahault on Sunday April 11 with her musicians and two guests : Krysstal and Jean-Michel Samba.

Whispers of Wisdom

Irie Keef is happy : the first single from her next EP, “Tan é Sézon”, which she performs with Yonn and which was released on January 8, has seduced the audience. The video clip that accompanies the track is also very popular with Internet users. The artist, who seems very surprised by this positive reception, wanted to make it known and thank her fans on Friday March 26 : “I am continuing my “voice” with Joy, Love, Harmony and I have some very good news… Well, first, I want to thank you all for this : more than 91000 views on YouTube! I don’t have the words, Jahlove️. This is not a joke! (…)”, she said. She asks her fans to check out the YouTube channel. As we write this article, the number of views is approaching 96,000.

Irie Keef is taking advantage of this great momentum to organize her live garden at L’Appart Garden on Sunday April 11 from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm in accordance with health standards due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Two options will be offered to the public: brunch and concert or concert only. “I can’t wait to do my first ever non-virtual live concert with two exceptional guests : Krysstal and Jean-Michel Samba”, she continued. The artist will be accompanied by her musicians : Claudy (bass), Béni (melodica), Lionel Clément (guitar), René Geoffroy (ka and bouladjèl) and Trinity (backing vocals).