Spanish producer Rick Eckboch is looking for talents in Dominican Republic

Rick studied sound engineering for eight years at Berklee College of Music, earning a bachelor's degree and three master's degrees.

The well-known Spanish music producer Rick Eckboch has arrived in the Dominican Republic in search of new talent. The electronic music DJ is embarking on a project to find talent from South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Through the British company Sputnik Music in partnership with the companies Jp Inc Record and Knockout Ent.

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“I’ve come to look for new talent, who I can launch to international stardom, and also to share my knowledge by recording and working with anyone who is ready to succeed in music”, he said.

Eckboch, has had the opportunity to be included in the European top 40, STMPD RCRDS TOP 50 and Beatport top 10. Songs like “Lost in the Desert”, “Loot” and “Trinidad”, have had the opportunity to enter the top 100 Beatport Tech House releases, achieving between 32,000 to 80,000 streams on spotify.

Spanish DJ does not limit himself, since his arrival he has had the opportunity to make local collaborations with Quimico Ultramega and Ceky Viciny and intends to continue collaborating with others.

Sarah Valdez, the producer’s representative in the Dominican Republic said : “We have been interested in Rick because he has always been able to find hidden diamonds among new artists who have not yet been produced. He is eager to start this new stage in our country, he has felt very welcomed and well treated from day one, and hopes to stay here permanently, as he says he is in love with our country, our people, and our musical culture”.

Rick studied sound engineering for eight years at Berklee College of Music, earning a bachelor’s degree and three master’s degrees. After his years of study he has spent his time recording numerous artists, mixing and mastering countless songs, and creating his own music.

“Although everything I’ve done I consider important, but I have a project in the works under another artist name with the Masters Of Hardcore label, which has been my dream since I was 12 years old and started in the music world, it will be released very soon so I’ll give you more details when it all starts”, said the music engineer.