Singer Shecka Sánchez promotes “Lo vas a extrañar”

Dominican rap has a new female representive. It is Shecka Sánchez.

Shecka Sanchez

This young singer from Santiago who currently promotes her single “Lo vas a extrañar” which has a video available on the main digital platforms.

Shecka, who started in music by sharing her compositions through social networks, officially launched her project in 2014, but it is only now, after having received the support from the artistic promoter Ulloa Production, her career becomes important.

“From an early age, I had a passion for music, I was greatly influenced by singers like Ivy Queen for whom I have great respect because she was the pioneer in the genre among women, I also aspire to become a great artist like her”, said the artist who planned to take her music to the United States in a future tour.

Sánchez, who also promotes the song “Quien ta’ en eso” in a duet with Liro Shaq, distinguished herself as a composer, she writes her songs and she also composed for some colleagues.

Shecka Sánchez recently received recognition at the “Premios Estrellas” where the talent of new and veteran artists is highlighted.

Shecka con Chino Estrella en los premios Estrellas
Shecka with Chino Estrella at the “Premios Estrellas”