DOM’TOMES receives Guadeloupean writer Gisèle Pineau at the Memorial ACTe

As part of the 2 exhibitions “PAG” and “Jamaican” dedicated to architecture open until April 24, 2022, the Maison de l’Architecture de Guadeloupe (MAG) and the Memorial ACTe (MACTe) invites the public to a meeting tonight – Friday, March 11 – from 6:30 pm with the writer Gisèle Pineau to discuss two of her books : “La Guadeloupe à travers la carte postale ancienne” (ed. Hervé Chopin), where texts and images make you relive Guadeloupe at the beginning of the 20th century and “Ady, soleil noir” (ed. Philippe Rey), the true story of Adrienne Fidelin, Guadeloupean, muse and companion of the American photographer Man Ray, a woman full of grace, of whom Éluard would have said that she had “clouds in her hands”

The presentation will be followed by an exchange with the author and the MAG will have the pleasure to offer you some appetizers to end the evening in a convivial atmosphere.