Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe: Mr P, ex member of P-Square, gave his all

As part of this 11th edition and 40th anniversary of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe, Trace, the private TV channel, had to liven up the party on this Saturday, November 24. Peter Okoye alias Mr P was the guest on this artistic stage at the Memorial ACTe at around 22h30. The 37-year-old singer and dancer, from Nigeria, has a solo career because “P-Square”, the famous band he made up since 2003 with his twin brother Paul and which won many awards, broke up in 2016. Several thousands of people had gathered in front of the podium – including a great majority of young people – to see the African star who became famous in Guadeloupe when the song titled “Personally” released in 2013. Like a flash of lightning, Mr P appeared suddlenly on stage wearing black glasses and a beautiful golden jacket. This kind of jacket is probably in fashion because two other stars wore it on the Memorial ACTe stage : Admiral T and Bernard Lavilliers.

With two dancers, the artist started “to set fire” to the audience which already had been warmed up, for the previous hour, by a DJ… If some were watching the show silently, others were dancing and singing or were completely hysterical like this girl (a Miss of something, it seems…) who screamed during the whole concert, especially when the cameraman of Trace TV was filming her…

Mr P who talked in English to the audience told that he was happy to be in Guadeloupe and women on the island are beautiful… The artist who paid tribute to American stars – among them Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown – offered very rhythmical choreographies to the crowd. In spite of his very muscular body, sometimes Peter Okoye seemed exhausted so he sat on his haunches or he sat on the edge of the stage to the delight of the fans who could see their idole up close.

This intense RnB, hip hop and Afrobeat show ended around midnight.