LaureM and Uranu enter music with “Te vas”

What distinguishes LaureM and Uranu is not only that they are the only duo of urban music made up of a boy and a girl in the country, they stand out more for the quality that they impregnate each song and that is precisely what has the single “Te vas”.

LaurenM & Uranu 1

Laura Morel Guzmán and Marcos Miguel Marte Monegro, the duo’s names, have chosen the song “Te vas” as their covering letter to show their talent. The song is composed by both and is a reggaetón produced by one of the most outstanding producers in the country, Big Trueno.

The song has a video directed by Crea Fama Inc and tells the story of a young man who prays for the love of his beloved and she resists. The audiovisual is available on YouTube.

“Music has always been my great passion, I’ve always sung but as a soloist. After meeting Laura and hearing how well she sings I offered her to form the duo, and although she was not very convinced in the beginning, I managed to change her mind, explained Uranu, a native of Santo Domingo.

While Laura, who is Spanish of Dominican parents, said: “My only condition for entering this project was that quality was the most important, it’s no secret that in the genre there is everything and that is why we always try to highlight quality and good lyrics. Even if I was not very convinced to take the step now I love what I do and we are working to offer the best to the public”.

Among the other songs they are promoting there is the single “Peligrosa”. They planned to collaborate with some colleagues very soon.

LaurenM & Uranu 2