Play “Mimosas” presents its last performances before its renewal in 2021

It will be today Thursday and tomorrow Friday at Mecenas-Café, Centro Cultural Mirador, at 6:00 pm.

The play “Mimosas”, which has been presented throughout the month of November to benefit the elderly of the Manos Arrugadas Foundation, successfully ends its performances this week at Mecenas-Café, Centro Cultural Mirador and will be revived next year.

Directed by Germana Quintana and starring Elvira Taveras, Giamilka Román, Lidia Ariza and Gianni Paulino, “Mimosas” tells the story of the meeting of four friends who get together after 25 years to discover the secret that has made them what they are today: a devoted wife, a lady in waiting, a famous professional and a happy mother, while enjoying their favourite drink, a “mimosa”.

The theatre thriller, written by Spanish playwright Santiago Moncada, is characterised by drama, suspense and hilarity it provokes by dealing with universal themes such as puberty, yearning, youth’s frustrations, age, sex, the value of friendship and relationships,

Gianni Paulino explained that in order to produce the play she had to create an emerging, creative and sustainable plan of action over time, making adjustments as reality changed in the face of the pandemic. That’s why she thanked the troupe of artists and technicians who accompany her, because their degree of commitment and pragmatism has allowed theatre to fulfil its role as entertainment within a crisis situation.