Manuel Alejandro, a rival for Prince Royce and Romeo Santos ?

The young bachatero Manuel Alejandro arrived in the musical arena with a bachata project that appears to be the next generation this genre was looking for in the Dominican Republic.


With a sweet and melodious voice, the artist positioned on radio stations the song “Que hermosa eres tú”, a bachata that brings the traditional essence of the beginnings of this genre mixed with the urban of our time.

The single which comes out of his first production entitled “Soy yo Manuel Alejandro” is his work and it shows every sign being a success. Because he wants to be an artist on the list of young urban bachateros like Romeo Santos and Prince Royce, Manuel Alejandro works hard on his project.

This album that is the letter of introduction from an artist who has made a musical project based on quality, has ten songs that he composed and plans to be an album with several hits.

The artist who is 20 years old was influenced by the great bachateros of this country who asked to start looking at the young talent who is the younger generation of this rhythm and support him from any point.


Love, always love

His project starts to operate in several countries where he will be before the end of this year to promote his music. The production was recorded with part of Frank Reyes’s musicians and there are young composers like Martyrs of Leon Junior.

A music video of his first single will be shot in order to give more strength to the punch it has, both on the radio stations and in the digital platforms where it is already placed.

Manuel Alejandro is a musician, guitarist and composer of all his songs. In each of his songs there is a love story or a story of heartbreak, so he claims with sentimental lyrics those that are marked on this album.

He wishes his music to achieve success and to be recognized by his country and the world. “Mine is something very natural, when I was 16, I started playing guitar, studying with renowned teachers and even looking for a tutorial on Youtube to learn music”, adds the young man who is happy.