Karen Lizarazo with Eddy Herrera conquer the audience with “Ganas Locas Remix”

The vallenata artist never stops surprising the audience with her new musical facet.

After his national success “Ganas Locas”, a song that has been among the first places on the national radio chart, which not only conquered the Caribbean coast, but all of Colombia, it also positioned itself as one of the five most viral songs on the Spotify streaming platform in the country.

The artist also received the silver button for more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, stating that she is not only a conventional vallenata artist, but she is breaking all the schemes with her music by adding all Colombian youth to her fan base.

Undoubtedly, the song should have a greater amplification adding to this success Dominican singer, Eddy Herrera; the idea came directly from Karen, who always had on her radar record with a merengue music singer.

That is why, her manager, Diego Toro and Eddy’s personal friend, decided to send him the song without much pretension, but the merengue artist loved it and he decided to join this remix. Karen Lizarazo tells that it was one of the best experiences in her entire musical career: “the song since its birth was not projected and designed only for the vallenato genre, because it has wind colors and other rhythms, in the background with arrangements that worked perfectly with any other genre”. Press Release www.decimalcorp.com.

This is why Eddy’s producer and Eddy Herrera himself managed to make it perfectly and specially merengue leaving it still the vallenato accordion in this new version. The video was recorded in the city of Bogotá and highlights the sensuality of the singer, who wants to show the world that women also have the right to show their feelings, without fear of showing their attributes, it is through the song that she tries to win singer Eddy Herrera by highlighting the impressive connection that exists between them, winning him with her dance and her “Ganas Locas” to steal him a kiss. About Karen Lizarazo, she was born in Aguachica, César, shis is a lawyer but she has a passion for vallenata music, she discovered when she was younger that she wanted to mark the history of female vallenato in two, her musical references come from artists such as Kaleth Morales, who inspired her to be what she is today. “Since I was a little girl I heard vallenato but I get the vallenato for Kaleth”, Karen said, when he went to give a concert in Aguachica, 15 days before the radio began to play his songs; this was how the artist bought a guitar to sing her idol’s songs.

His career has not been easy, he has had to face up to vallenato traditionalism, but it was through her talent that she has managed to open a space and prove that women can also sing vallenato and continue to preserve their femininity. The artist has has stood out for being a brave woman who, from the first time she went on stage, decided to preserve all the feminine essence. Today Karen Lizarazo has become an inspiration for girls who admire her and dream to be like her.

Foto Karen Lizarazo + Eddy Herrera 2