Covid-19: Eddy Herrera calls on fellow artists

Dominican star who is very well known in Latin America and the United States wants to fight, among other things, against the “Fake news”.

Artists have always played an important role when it comes to social issues and crises. This is explained by the infuence of their voice on many of fans and followers. Aware of this, the merenguero Eddy Herrera has called on his colleagues and the entire artistic community to use the power of social networks to contribute and help ensure that consumers of various social networks get the right message about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Right now our country and the world is going through one of its greatest health (which is vital) and economic crises. We as artists have a responsibility to those people who have always been there for each of us. That is why I call on my colleagues to use social networks responsibly and contribute by bringing information about this virus that has caused so many deaths. Right now, there are a lot of fake news that only disturbs people’s peace and I know that if each of us raises awareness and contributes, we will act positively”, explained the performer of “Ha llegado el amor”.

Eddy has always been on the side of social causes and this time he also invites everyone to take advantage of this moment to be with family and protect each other.

Being one of the many artists who have to suspend all national and international activities, he will announce his new dates later.