Jencarlos Canela waits the right television series

Although he tells that his passion was always music, Jencarlos Canela became famous in acting. His role in the soap opera “Mas sabe el diablo” gave him international following, but he used this facet that helped him to have the majority of his current fans as a catapult to go into his true dream : to act.

Although it has received support and love of his followers in this new stage, many people wish Jencarlos Canela returns to the screen. Although the 28-year-old actor does not rule out this possibility, he said that now television series are not part of his immediate plans.

And is that as an actor he was able to choose well the roles they give him, for that reason he does not return to the screen because he is waiting for the appropriate offer. “There are offers, but for reasons of commitments, this will be done when arrives the right project at the right time, when the stars will align, and here you say, let’s go!”, he explained.

Another point that he highlighted about what an artist needs to learn to succeed, is to say no, because according to him, all bids cannot be accepted. In this respect, he added : “You have to learn to say no in this industry and say it is not an art, and I believe that is the way you build a career, because sometimes people prostitute themselves too much and say yes for anything and we are not like that, we have to wait until the right project arrives”.

Canela made these statements in a meeting with the press which took place at the time of his recent visit to the Dominican Republic, where he came to promote his single “Pa’ que me invitan”.


A very well prepared artist

On the other hand, the musician also gave his opinion about some of his colleagues who made “very ordinary” the music industry by going into the musical arena without being fully prepared. “There are a lot of actors who think they are singers so I say : Oh my God, oh my dear God help me, patience! and they give a bad name to those who studied music. I am a singer before being an actor, acting came to our life as a gift”, said Canela.

The singer of “Baila, Baila” is very confident of his ability and talent in both music and acting and for him, it is due to this preparation.

“I have enough preparation to be confronted with anybody and I studied with the greatest and that’s what I like to do. I think that’s the key is : balance. To have training in both fields and when you get the opportunity to show people who you are that must not be by accident or by chance, that is why you prepared for”, he said.

The artist also talked about his next album to which he is giving the final touch with the Dominican producer and singer Maffio, with whom, he sai, he has a very good chemistry.

Asked about his relationship with his ex-partner Gaby Espino, also an actress, he said that everything is fine with her, they have a cordial relationship and he is very happy that she starts a new life with a new partner.