Irie Keef and Loïc Emboulé take you down the path of passionate love with “Doudou”

Kareen Fleming aka Irie Keef - Photo: Philippe Julan

On June 16, singer Irie Keef released her new song “Doudou”, accompanied by its video clip.


For this new song, Kareen Fleming aka Irie Keef has a very special guest in the person of Loïc Emboulé. “I have been following this top guadeloupean artist for a long time. I like his work. He has a wonderful voice. He is a very talented composer and musician. He is generous and his energy is bright. I was honored that he agreed to sing with me. He entirely committed to the creative process and, actually truly enhanced my song”, says the Guadeloupean singer.

The result of this artistic collaboration is a track with Afrozouk vibes where Irie Keef and Loïc Emboulé take the audience on the path of passionate love.

With “Doudou”, we discover that the artist is also a fan of afro-beat, a very fashionable rhythm at the moment : “I come from Guadeloupe, an archipelago where many cultures meet and mix. I have strong reggae and soul influences, but I often compose on zouk, kompa, gwoka, bouyon or soca. I’m also a fan of afro-beat and electronic music. I love mixing it all up in my own way. I sing in Creole, French and English, it comes to me naturally. I just let myself be guided by Jah (…)”, says Irie Keef, who made her singing debut in the USA in the 90s as a backing singer for the late Dominican singer Nelly Stharre.

The track “Doudou”, performed by Irie and Loïc, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mister Francky at Studio Henri Debs & Fils, co-produced by Élisabeth Gatibelza and Irie Keef, with music by Staniski and backing vocals by Krysstal and Loïc Emboulé.

Irie Keef Doudou