Guadeloupean artists at the Vera World Fine Art Festival

Considered by the organizers as “the most important event dedicated to the celebration and democratization of global contemporary art”, the 11th edition of the Vera World Fine Art Festival was held at the Cordoaria Nacional in Lisbon from 8 to 16 October 2016 with the involvement of artists from Guadeloupe.

Vera 3

This gigantic exhibition is dedicated to painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installations of visual art, applied arts and museology.

Since its inception, this cultural event has received more than 2 million visitors, has attracted more than 4,500 galleries, artists from more than 40 countries and rewarded more than 200 artists.

This year, the association “An Tout Sos”, the network “An Tout Sòs” and “Krystel Ann Art”, which is a London-based contemporary art agency dedicated to the representation, promotion and commercialization of works by the best painters, sculptors, photographers and graphic designers in the world, proposed that Guadeloupean artists take part in this highly meeting-place. The delegation consisted of painters Cédrick Boucard, Jean-Marc Hunt and Renato Rodyner, art photographer Jean-François Manicom, sculptors François Piquet and Moisés Preto Paulo. During the stay, Guadeloupe distinguished itself with art exhibitions but Jean-Marc Hunt accompanied by the “tanbouyé” Djo Toussaint and Olivier Tharsis had the opportunity to perform a show of “ka painting” on Lisbon’s Trade Square.

Guadeloupean culture was also highlighted by its gastronomy and a well known local brand of punch…


From Russia to Portugal

This journey in the Portuguese capital of our artists was just a step in the promotional tour set up with their partners including “Krystel Ann Art”.

Indeed, from 26 to 31 May 2016, this agency had already represented Guadeloupe in Moscow at the 10th International Fine Art Festival whose theme was “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, an event which is one of the most important artistic meetings in the world. London-based agency had selected the artworks of both talented painters, Goody and Cédrick Boucard, and the photographer who needs no introduction Jean-François Manicom to be exhibited in this big fair frequented by art lovers who have, it should be noted, a lot of money to invest thus acquire works. In addition, it should also be known that the Vera World Fine Art Festival in Lisbon is an extension of the Moscow Annual International Art Festival which was created by the Public Foundation for Support of Culture and Development of Contemporary Art, a foundation that began in 2004 in the Russian capital.

During the Festival in Lisbon, were held conferences, master classes, round tables, forums or seminars about the movements and trends of contemporary art, chaired by renowned artists, critics and curators.

By participating in these major international artistic events, it is the creative power of Guadeloupe but also that of all the islands of the Caribbean that our artists represented. As said “Krystel Ann Art” : “Our agency promotes top professional artists in their field and we believe that art, when brought to the highest level of the international market, can change the world.”