Cristian Allexis shows his good pen “Por si te quedan dudas”

The new single will be part of his next album.

Cristian Allexis continues to prove that he is a flag-bearer of good stories by illustrating with his pen and ink one of those songs ready to dedicate, “Por si te quedan dudas”.

The new single, which features arrangements and production by Aníbal Coronado and mixing and sound engineering by Pengbian Sang at Sino Música Producciones, is a response to that person who is no longer there and who doubts the meaning so important to the life of the one who responds.

“This story was born from a toxic relationship between a couple of friends, in which she left him for a better position and in the course of time there have been situations worthy of immortalizing them through songs”, explained Allexis.

Cristian tells, that on this occasion he opted for the ballad, because the feeling of the lyrics of this song had to go through a more sublime rhythm musically, and definitely, this genre was the ideal one.

“This song is dedicated to all those people who have lost someone they love and who, in some way, feel complemented by them”, the singer-songwriter emphasized.

“Por si te quedan dudas”, was mastered by Dan Cantor at Notable Studio in Boston, the guitar was recorded by David Holguín and the piano by Álvaro Dinzey.