Drummer Jean-Philippe Fanfant will perform at the Sunside Jazz Club, this Tuesday December 14

Photo: Christophe Tardy / Jean-Philippe Fanfant Facebook page

As you have already noticed, cultural life is slowly resuming its course. Our artists are performing at home in the Caribbean but also elsewhere. This time, it is Jean-Philippe Fanfant who decided to settle down at the Sunside Jazz Club located at 60, rue des Lombards in the 1st district of Paris.


On the occasion of this concert on Tuesday, December 14, starting at 9:00 pm, Guadeloupean drummer will be on stage with Vincent Bidal on piano, Stéphane Castry on bass, Allen Hoist on saxophone and vocals and Ludovic Louis on trumpet.

The quintet will undoubtedly perform the 9 tracks (Kanari Conakry, Left to right, Oh happy J, Ballad 4 Sassa, Péyi Béni V2, Gran bel, Diamente, Double check, Une lueur d’espoir) from the artist’s new album entitled “Since 1966”, released on June 4 by Klarthe Records.

“This album is really a representation of who I am. I wanted to bring together people I really like, I wanted to gather different worlds, I used the voice as an instrument, I gave a lot of room to improvisation, it’s an album either Caribbean jazz or jazz but I don’t want to confine it to one style (…) I think it’s a beautiful music sharing album, it’s an album to discover (…) I wanted an organic and pure sound, so it’s a little bit timeless album, you can listen to it in ten years, it will still be the sound of the instrument, it will not be a sound typical of a certain time period (…) it’s an album that you can keep in time”, the musician said at the launch of this album.

It should be noted that an important part has been reserved for traditional Caribbean instruments such as the ka drum, the bèlè drum, the hill flute, the konk a lambi and the steel pan as well as the bouladjel voice.

Jean-Philippe Fanfant is one of the Guadeloupean leaders in the world of music. He has brought his talent on more than 400 albums, he played, among others, with Kassav’, Patrick Saint-Éloi, Tania Maria, Louis Bertignac, Angélique Kidjo, Julien Clerc and also collaborated on programmes such as The Voice on TF1 and Nouvelle Star on M6.