Zik’in (Frédéric Caracas and Krysstal) launches “Si ou Sikré”

Guadeloupean singer Krysstal, whom we introduced to you five years ago during the release of her track “Tabou”, and Frédéric Caracas, one of the most talented Guadeloupean musicians on the Zouk scene, are back with “Si ou Sikré” (Koko), a fresh, rhythmical song.
Both are used to performing together at various venues in the archipelago, where they play local rhythms such as zouk, gwoka and biguine, mixed with pop, electro and afro.
Today, it is with
“great excitement”, they say, that they announce the release of their new single through the duo they form, Zik’in.
The bassist, composer and arranger and the singer songwriter want to
“convey emotions, joy and fun across borders”, especially during their many live performances.
The video for
“Si ou Siké” Koko was directed by Jean-Marc Yéponde.