The films selected for the 26th edition of the Fémi are now known!

The month of January 2022 will be very busy in cinematographic events. Indeed, no less than two major festivals are scheduled in Guadeloupe : the 3rd edition of the CinéVision Sud Film Festival from January 14 to 20, 2022 and the 26th edition of the Fémi, Regional and International Film Festival of Guadeloupe, organized by the association “Images & Cultures du Monde” from January 22 to 29, 2022.

The official selection has just been published and includes 43 films in the categories of feature film, short film, documentary, short documentary and short animation film from Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guiana, Reunion, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Curaçao, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, France, Burkina Faso, Congo, Senegal, Togo, and Mauritius.

“The official selection is enriched this year with films with productions from Latin America, the southern spaces of the United States, for a better anchoring of the Festival in its American space”, say the organizers.

Feature Film Selection • MAUDIT ! by Emmanuel PARRAUD (Reunion Island) • GRAINE by Alimata OUEDRAOGO (Burkina Faso) • BANTÚ MAMA by Ivan HERRERA (Dominican Republic) • HISTORIAS DE AJEDREZ (CHESS STORIES) by Emmanuel MARTÍN (Cuba) • LA MALA NOCHE (THE LONGEST NIGHT) by Gabriela CALVACHE (Ecuador) • MIRADOR by Bruno COSTA (Brazil) • PERFUME DE GARDENIAS by Macha COLÓN (Puerto Rico) • BULADÓ de Eché JANGA (Curaçao)

Short Film Selection • DORLIS by Enricka MH (Martinique) • TÈTÈCHE by Hugo ROUSSELIN (Guyane) • IRRÉPROCHABLE by Anaïs LONKEU (West Indies / France) • CACHE-CACHE by Olivier KANCEL (Guadeloupe) • IVANY by Éric NADAU (Guadeloupe) • LA STAR by Kevin M.MAVAKALA (Congo) • MUETTE by Jessica LAGUERRE (Guadeloupe) • PORTUGAL PEQUENO (Little Portugal) by Victor QUINTANILHA (Brazil) • KARANT DÉ by Willy GAUTHIERO (Guadeloupe) • ASHIKI by Stéphane COTREBIL (Martinique) • ON BEL KONTÈ by Carole DESFASSIAUX and Iléana PANSIOT-VILLON (Guadeloupe) • COUVRE-FEU by Kevin CONSTANT LAFORCE (Guiana) • SOLDAT NOIR by Jimmy LAPORAL-TRÉSOR – (West Indies / France) • T’AIMER by Dominique DUPORT (Guadeloupe) • REINE KAYANM by Nicolas SÉRY (Reunion Island)

Documentary Selection • BACLOU by Joël FOULET (Guiana) • PRESQUE MORT by Jil SERVANT (Martinique / Guiana) • ABSOLUTLY MUST GO by S. Jean-Noël PIERRE (Mauritius) • 1979, HMONG DE JAVOUHEY by François GRUSON (Guiana) • LÈV LA TÈT DANN FÉNWAR by Érika ÉTANGSALÉ (Reunion Island) • L’OPTION ZÉRO by Marcel BELTRAN (Cuba) • MAÎTRE CONTOUT, mémoire de la Guyane by Xavier GAYAN (Guiana) • THE RUMBA KINGS by Alan BRAIN (Peru / Congo) • GUADELOUPE, TERRE DE RHUM ET DES HOMMES by Blaise MENDJIWA (Guadeloupe) • UN RÉVOLTÉ SÉNÉGALAIS, OMAR BLONDIN DIOP by Djeydi DJIGO (Senegal)

Short Documentary Selection • 76, ÉRUPTION DE LA SOUFRIÈRE by Olivier KANCEL (Guadeloupe) • MARIELLE’S LEGACY WILL NOT DIE by Leonard CORTANA (Brazil) • COLATERAL by Lucrecia CISNEROS (Venezuela) • ÉCOUTEZ LE BATTEMENT DE NOS IMAGES by Audrey and Maxime JEAN-BAPTISTE (Guiana) • FRESK by Amingo THORA (Martinique)

Short Animation Film Selection • RASGA MORTALHA by Thiago DE MARTINS (Brazil) • SPEAK BROTHER SPEAK by Kamun (Guadeloupe) • TOL by Dylan Attelly, Jérémy Gravinay, Joëllia Rose, Stephen Martingoulet, Matthieu Templet-Nadeau, Anne-Isabelle Zamant, Tiffani Browne (Martinique) • EL ÁRBOL YA FUE PLANTADO (The tree has been planted) by Irène BLEI (Argentina) • MOFIALA by Boris KPADENOU (Togo)