Cristian Allexis receives recognition for his outstanding career as a singer-songwriter

For his outstanding career as a singer-songwriter and his contributions to music, artist Cristian Allexis received recognition from the Mayor of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Brian De Peña.

Cristian, was recognized as the Dominicanísimo 2022 artist, for being one of the young people who has added to Dominican art, highlighting his talent for writing songs that have transcended by the quality of his lyrics.

“We must continue to move forward doing things right and God will continue to put us in places we deserve”, said the singer of “Caballero sin memoria”, who also expressed his gratitude for being among those recognized at the event, where other figures of the Dominican art and communication were also present.

The singer was not only one of the featured artists at Dominicanísimo 2022, he also had the honor of composing the song of the same name for the award.

During his stay in the United States, the singer delighted his audience with several shows. Upon his arrival in the country, other concerts are also waiting for him in various areas.