Cindy Galán is nominated for “Best Actress” at the Premios Soberano

In 2020 Premios La Silla already recognized her as Best Film Actress for her role as “Rubí” in El Proyeccionista.


Outstanding actress Cindy Galán is nominated in the category of “Best Film Actress” for her role in El Proyeccionista at the 2021 Soberano Awards, a total sign that she continues to add success to her career as an acting professional.

El Proyeccionista means Cindy Galán’s entry into cinema and with it her first lead role and a Soberano Award nomination. She played a character with great naturalness, spontaneity and professionalism in terms of acting.

After her participation in this masterful film by filmmaker José María Cabral, film critics praised Cindy’s performance as fresh and professional, demonstrating high histrionic ability giving life to “Rubí”, an intelligent, a sensual, dangerous, daring and popular woman.

Cindy Galán has also been part of the cast of the upcoming films Candela and Paraíso para dos.

This promising young film actress is a member of the Dominican National Theatre Company and previously of the Teatro Rodante. She has an important career with almost 20 plays on stage, including Perfectus Quórum, by Waddys Jaquez and Hamlet, directed by Bolivian director Diego Aramburo ; as well as outstanding participations in film and television productions such as the short film Nube Negra by Oscar Pérez, El Límite de la Realidad, by Gus Sención, and presence in many national and international theatre festivals.

Cindy belongs to the talent agency Casting Factory, a company that manages and represents the careers of prominent actors and models.