Carnival of Guadeloupe: The crowd accompanied King Vaval to the pyre

Carnival lovers were numerous to accompany King Vaval on the esplanade of the port of Basse-Terre where a pyre had been built for his cremation. It was with a heavy heart and tears in the eyes that the crowd attended the departure of the King of Carnival, as is the case on Ash Wednesday. Previously, men, women and children dressed in black and white, members of carnival bands or not, have walked through several streets of the city dancing and singing one last time. The reign of His Majesty lasted from January 1 to February 22, 2023 (a little more than 7 weeks), a period during which Guadeloupe vibrated to the rhythms of many parades of groups on foot, one of the specificities of the local carnival. Now, the time had come to organize the ceremony of cremation for King Vaval, a compulsory ritual for the most superstitious because not to do so would bring misfortune. His Majesty will rise from the ashes next year. The time of Lent has begun.

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