Cabarete celebrates arts and sustainability at “Festival of Masks”

On October 30, the small town of Cabarete in the Puerto Plata Province in the Dominican Republic hosted the “Festival of Masks”. An event that mixed art, sustainable development and barrier gestures against Covid-19.

Festival de las Máscaras 3

“Community, more than a stage or a place, is a feeling that unites us and encourages us to work for the common good. The District of Cabarete is getting bigger and bigger, and that’s because of its people. People who dream, plan and give their grain of sand to their community”, these were the words of Freddy Cruz, mayor of the District of Cabarete at the Festival of Masks.

Cabarete Sostenible together with a large number of young volunteers presented the Festival of Masks. An event inspired by the spirit of solidarity and the agreement to protect each other in times of pandemic.

The festival featured an exhibition of a series of portraits by French photographer Dominic Rioual, who showcased essential workers earning their daily bread, with the necessary measures to protect themselves from Covid-19. This series seeks to highlight the defining strength of Dominican culture.

There was also a sustainable fashion show by Dominican designer Hillary Vicente. Sustainable fashion, also known as ethical fashion, aims to minimize the environmental impact in order to preserve and improve the health of the planet, by using second-hand clothes and creating new designs. And the urban art artists SK and Freco were in charge of a large mural made for the court in the La Cienega sector of Cabarete.