Joe Veras and his friends thrill the United Palace, New York, for their 25th anniversary

Frank Reyes, El Varón de la Bachata, Héctor Acosta, Kiko Rodríguez, Tony Bravo and Dj Adoni, celebrated with “El hombre de tu vida”.

With a tour of his greatest hits, Joe Veras celebrated his 25th anniversary at the United Palace, where he confirmed with his friends, that bachata continues to be one of the strongest genres inside and outside the country.

More than three thousand people took up in chorus the first songs: : “Que se mueran de envidia”, “Se te nota”, “Yahaira”, “El molde” and “Acéptame como soy”.

On a minimalist stage, with a giant screen, 11 musicians and a group of dancers, the musician offered a show full of energy, where he was accompanied by El Varón de la bachata, who with his peculiar dance steps won the applause of an audience made up of young people and adults, who sang along with him “Que será de mi”, “Brujería” and “Así es la vida”.

After the presentation of the first guest, Joe, who changed his costume three times, took the stage again, to make his loyal fans sing along with “Por tu amor” and “Me decidí”.

“Thanks to this wonderful audience that honors us with their presence tonight, to the women, men and all the countries that are with us from different parts of the world, even though I recognize that the vast majority are from the Dominican Republic”, said the bachatero with emotion, which earned him loud applause.

With a general production by Zamora Live and Dj Henry and an artistic production by Alberto Zayas, Joe was accompanied by fellow friends who celebrated with him his career. Among the guests who most pleased the audience let us mention Héctor Acosta who arrived with his “Anillo” and “Amorcito enfermito” to participate with the audience who also applauded intensely “El príncipe”, Frank Reyes with his “Amor a distancia” and “El alcohol”.

“Joe Veras y sus amigos”, name of the concert, was a show where music was the star of the night, not only by the voice of “El hombre de tu vida”, but also by Tony Bravo’s voice, who performed in bolero “Acéptame como soy” and “Fatalidad”, by the late Anthony Ríos.

“Cartas de verano”, “Inténtalo tú”, “Coge cuadre”, “Cúrame las heridas”, “En el amor”, “Luto de mi corazón”, “La travesía” and “La pared” were added to the rich repertoire, which also included Kiko Rodríguez.

After the participation of Dj Adoni, “El maestro” said goodbye with a medley, “Amor enterrado” and “El hombre de tu vida” ; the concert lasted approximately three hours and 15 minutes.

The successful concert was sealed with an award given to Joe Veras and a sold out certificate. The anniversary celebration will continue on May 13 at Hard Rock Live in Miami.