Atrévete bets on Creole talent with”Big Capital”

The play with an original libretto entitled “Big Capital” by Dominican scriptwriter Iván Alcántara will be on stage from Thursday, August 16 at the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater.

In the Dominican theater scene will be presented a play that will stick the audience to its seats, by participating as spectators in a “face to face” between two women of the 21 century, warriors, executives and human beings. This is “Big Capital” a dramatic comedy starring Gianni Paulino and Giamilka Román which will be presented from Thursday, August 16 at the Sala Ravelo of the National Theater.

The play with a script in an agile and intelligent language, written by Dominican filmmaker and scriptwriter Iván Alcántara, discovers in front of the audience the ambivalence of the personality of the woman of these times: empowered, dependent, hardened, vulnerable, uninhibited and attached to moral values.

Under the direction of veteran Germana Quintana, three characters meet: the CEO, the client, the husband plus the technology, a resource the author uses to define in front of the audience the multitasking life of the contemporary women.

Gianni Paulino y Giamilka Roman Obra Big Capital 2

A violent confrontation

The work “Big Capital” will recreate in the Sala Ravelo a business meeting of two contemporary women who discuss an economic proposal. A “workaholic” who works long hours to secure a better future, and this way, endangers her present and the other, a lawyer by profession, Christian by conviction, mother by choice and warrior by obligation who sacrifices her moral values and principles to defend what she loves, by managing to blur the line that separates reality from theatrical fiction.“This work proves that things are not what they are but what we would be willing to pay for them if we lose them and it make us reappraise what is really important in life”, explained Paulino. While Román, co-star, commented: “It is an atypical conversation, a violent confrontation in which come to light moral values, conjugal dilemmas, hidden relationships and what we are able to do to defend what we love most”.

The producer of the plays“El Aplauso va por dentro”, “Brujas somos todas”, “La Dama de Negro”, “Las Preciosas Ridículas”, “TOC TOC” and “Le Prénom” will make an interactive production, recreating for the audience the experience to attend a meeting at a financial company; shifts, screens, sounds and greetings will size the presentation of the work itself.

Other details: under the production of Atrévete, Srl, theatrical direction by Germana Quintana, lighting by Lillyana Díaz, scenography by Angela Bernal, graphic line by Víctor Cabral, costumes and makeup by Draco Nin; Pamela Sanz co-production.