“La adrenalina”, Pakitin’s new song

He has just recorded two more tracks with Lápiz Conciente and Ceky Viciny.

Since 2011, Reissner Francisco Ozuna, artistically called Pakitin, has been making his way into the competitive world of urban music. But, it is only now, he signs with the Gold Play Music Company and he sees the results of his work.

With the song “La adrenalina”, a catchy song that has the modern sound and catchy lyrics people like now, Pakitin “El verdadero” (The real) invades the radio and digital platforms. The single, produced by Clone 876 has its video clip directed by Sandy Graph. “La adrenalina” has also become popular because of a peculiar step that the singer makes, which has “infected” everyone and has gone viral in social networks.

But, the urban artist does not stop and he is ready to position itself as one of the most outstanding new blood singers. That is why he has just recorded with the most important Dominican rapper, El Lápiz Conciente, the song entitled “Lominero”, he also collaborated with another popular artist, Cevy Viciny, in the song La vaina.

Pakitin, who is currently in a half tour through the main media of the country to promote his new song, prepares a musical production where he will compile the best of his new repertoire. “I am very happy and grateful with everything that is happening in my career, I have been fighting for many years in search of my place and undoubtely this is my moment. I thank all those who are supporting me to make this dream come true”, he said.

Pakitin 1