Sutherland, Martin, Intence, Jahvillani et Jahshii: some new reggae and dancehall releases

Nadine Sutherland

“Queen”, Nadine Sutherland’s birthday present

“I can’t believe I’m going to be … no, I believe it, I’m 54”, singer Nadine Sutherland squealed in a phone call interview with The Gleaner. She wanted to treat herself to the track “Queen” for her birthday, and now it is done. The project, which is her first executive produced record, debuted on March 25.

“It’s a song I poured everything in, financially, emotionally, everything, so that’s my birthday gift to myself”, she said. “The song is about women who have gone through the wringer to be successful, who have been hit down and rise back up, and through it all you are a queen. It was actually written with Marcia Griffiths as she wanted to do a duet with me. She got busy, but I had the song, and the song was like, you’re not gonna put me down… women need to hear this”, she continued.


Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is thinking about “Trust”

Reggae and dancehall star Christopher Martin clearly explain the reasons why he has trust issues in his new track “Trust” produced by Cheeny Big Son Music

Appealing to listeners and especially his fans, Christopher sings “trust is something you can’t give to everybody (…)”.

According to the artist, trust is important because it is something lacking in this generation, minds are very frivolous and easily swayed. The song brings across the point that when you do find people you can trust you have to keep them close at all times and let them know they are close to you. Loyalty is not cheap. I am happy the topic is hitting home”.


_copie-0_VP6718_Intence_Puissant_Single Cover

Intence feels “Puissant”

Dancehall artist Intence receives an enthusiastic welcome from his fans with the release of his new single “Puissant” (Powerful) on April 1. The single was viewed 1.4 million views in the first month of its release. The video was directed by KD Visuals and produced by Nuh Brakes Recordz.

“Puissant” is the second single released in 2022, “New Gear” being the first. Intence who had a exceptional year 2021 with the success of his songs “Yahoo Boyz”, “Go Hard” and “Yeng” is proud to represent Jamaican dancehall worldwide through his raw and gritty music that has reached dancehall fans primarily via YouTube and then on all streaming platforms.

Intence will perform at Sandz in Ocho Rios on April 17, 2022.


_copie-0_VP6716_Jahvillani - RUFF!!!

Jahvillani arrives with “Ruff!!!”, his new single

The music video for “Ruff!!!” features the dancehall artist in a dance battle with one of Jamaica’s leading influencers and comedians, Fatskull. The song (released on March 25) and video are produced by longtime collaborator, producer YGF.

Still enjoying the success of his debut album Dirt to Bentley, Jahvillani’s popularity has grown in Jamaica and the diaspora. This rise in popularity for the artist began in 2019 with the release of “Wile Side Government”. It has earned over 25 million views on YouTube and an average of 103K monthly listeners on streaming giant Spotify.

Jahvillani – born Dujon Edwards – is one of the most well-known dancehall faces of the younger generation. Originally from Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s north coast, the artist has always offered songs that appeal to the taste of women, but also a catalog of songs that describe life in his environment.



“Prosperity” is Jahshii’s track

Young dancehall leader focuses on a life of prosperity and expresses that feeling in his latest song of the same name which was produced by Tevin Richards.