Carnival of Guadeloupe: Merchants and their guests paraded in the streets of Basse-Terre with joy

Défilé Marchandes 2024 - 43

As usual, active and retired merchant women paraded in the streets of downtown Basse-Terre, singing and dancing. This Lundi Gras, they were accompanied by their guests: the groups Kalson All Stars and Volcan for carnival music, Les Masques de Vieux-Fort (the archipelago’s oldest carnival group), dancers from the Les Balisiers association, members of Prestans’ Kréole and Kaloukéra New Generation in their finest traditional costumes, a delegation from the Les Cuisinières de Guadeloupe association, which is celebrating its 108th anniversary this year, some residents from the Éhpad “Les Jardins de Bélost” with their Queen of Elders, as well as elected politicians. After more than an hour of parade applauded by the crowd, all these beautiful people gathered at the market of the capital to eat and drink…

Défilé Marchandes 2024 - 31