Poet Warped becomes “La Voix de la Rue”

Entitled "La Voix de la Rue", Warped's brand new album features 14 tracks.

Guadeloupean singer-songwriter released “La Voix de la Rue” (The voice of the street) on 18 December 2020, which he worked on with Art Money Group. The album is produced by the label Henri Debs et Fils.

Warped is back. With this new album, Warped affirmed his will to be the spokesman of the “voiceless”. This new release entitled “La Voix de la Rue” (The Voice of the Street) features no less than 14 tracks such as “Éritaj” – whose video clip was released a month ago – “Doubout”, “Débouya”, “Fuir le Temps”, “An Nèg a l’Élysée”, “Corazon”, “Pawazit” and “Welcome”. A variety of songs that allow Warped to explore various themes of life such as love, disappointment, negritude, racism, rape, the place of the father, death, prison, drugs, resourcefulness of poor people, the social situation of his island.

Six tracks are featurings with well-known artists from the traditional and urban scene in Guadeloupe (Fanswa Ladrézeau, Bilix, Ready Yo, Mel, T Kimp Gee, Misié Sadik and Didgis).

Warped 1

Several hits in 5 years of career

Warped is now part of the Guadeloupean music scene after a notable entry in October 2015 when he released a cover of “Si Maman Si” by French pop singer France Gall, a song renamed “Sms” featuring Drexi. Four years later, the two partners were back on radio, television, websites, social networks and on stage with another cover, that of the hit “Océan” by Guadeloupean zouk singer Thierry Cham, which became “O.C.AN”. Two titles that were well-received by the audience and that the artist performs with his own words and his own sensibility.

Other hits have also marked the last five years such as “Elle me hante” in 2020, “Rip Jaho” in 2019 which is the 5th track of the brand new album as well as “On fwa”, featuring Mel which is the 12th track, “Sa ké ay” in August 2018, “Woman” in February 2018, “Papiyon” featuring T Kimp Gee in 2017 and “Ti Mo” in November 2015.

Warped 2

Over 30 million views on YouTube

Warped, who grew up in a musical family with a grandfather who was a saxophonist, a father playing drum-ka (tanbouyé) and cousins who are DJs, is presented as a “complex man”, “an artist who sings life”, an artist who maintains “a true and pure relationship with his fans”.

The artist began writing his lyrics at the age of 11 and then he evolved into the underground scene alongside Guadeloupean and Martinican emerging artists. Four years later, he entered to the studio to record his songs with DonDada Prod. It was on this occasion that he met T Kim Gee and other emblematic artists of the Caribbean sphere. Since 2015, Warped’s career has taken on a new dimension when he signed with the Art Money Group, label of producer and singer Datcha Dollar’z.

To date, Warped’s tracks have had over 30 million views on YouTube.