A “DSP Block Party” at the World Kréyol Art Festival

On Saturday, May 4 from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, on the occasion of the World Kréyol Art Festival, took place at Dubouchage’s bus station in Pointe-à-Pitre an original party, a “Block Party”. This event initiated by a famous brand of beer is inspired by the parties in housing estates in the United States. On Saturday, May 11, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, another “DSP Block Party” will be on the Place de la Victoire with other guests.

DSP Block Party 1A
Laétitia (DSP Block Party manager) and Pacman (artist, creator of the World Kréyol Art Festival)

Very early in the morning, the team began to arrange the necessary equipment on the car park : colored furniture made in particular with pallets, barrels or coils of electric cables, a famous checkerboard carpet for rap dancers, R&B and dance hall, a bar to serve non-alcoholic drinks, a temporary tattoo stand, a pancake stand, a pinball machine, a board reserved for the candidate selected as part of the live painting contest, and a truck whose platform served as a podium was not forgotten…

From 4:00 pm, the “Block Party” opened its doors to the participants but the musical entertainment was missing because of an electrical problem. In the meantime, graffiti artists started painting some frescoes in front of the audience. An acrobat on a bicycle started performing impressive figures on the checkered carpet.

Thanks to the restaurant owner located near the bus station who spontaneously provided the organizers with electricity, the atmosphere gets warmer all at once. DJ Killer started to set fire to the party and the dancers invaded the carpet to the delight of the audience composed of young and not so young who were dancing too. Some on them settled down in the small blue, orange, red and pink sets of furniture, others went to the temporary tattoo stand.

DSP Block Party 61B
Guadeloupean plastic artist Denis Ninine

The “Pop Mosaic” by Denis Ninine

On the other side of the car park, the Guadeloupean artist Denis Ninine who was the selected candidate of the day started to make his work entitled “Pop Mosaic”, a work that refers, he says “to our culture, our insularity, our geography”, a work that highlights “the link and communication” and “take us to a new representation referring to pop art, Mondrian’s geometry and Kaws’s semi-abstract painting”. You can vote for candidates at this live painting contest by logging on to http://www.dsp-block-party.com / and try to win an “urban trip” for a week in Wynwood, Miami, Florida.

At 8:30 pm, the urban singer X-Men climbed onto the truck that served as a stage to perform in front of his fans. At 22:00, the party ended but on Saturday, May 11, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, the “DSP Block Party” will be on the Place de la Victoire with live painting, dance (Soul Shine Company) and music (DJ Gunshot, DJ Wiwi and the urban singer T-Kimp Gee). Everyone is invited…