Clivia Christina will sing at Jérôme Cléry Auditorium

The singer who is from the Dutch-speaking Caribbean island of Curaçao will be accompanied by Guadeloupean musicians at this unique concert in the capital, Basse-Terre.

The association “Jipé F’Awt” receives Saturday, November 16 at 8:00 pm Clivia Christina at the Jérome Cléry Auditorium in Basse-Terre. The singer, who is from the island of Curaçao (south of the West Indies), who spent part of her youth with her family in North Carolina in the United States before living in Germany and then in the South of France, will sing in this hall of the capital of Guadeloupe for the first time.

“Jipé F’Awt” claims that “Clivia has such a rare voice and who hears it, would like to know more about her. These voices have an individual story, like those of Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Marian Anderson, or Sara Vaughn…and they tell us their stories (…) There are voices that we never forget, she will take you to the sound of her voice in a journey full of music of Caribbean colors, jazz, songs and gospel ( …)”.

The artist will be, during this exceptional evening, with great musicians such as Ruddy Francis (piano), Joël Larochelle (bass), Joseph Cazimir (drums), Xavier Richardeau (saxophone). She also invited other artists to share this unforgettable moment with her: Roland Louis (piano), Raymond Winter (guitar), Fred Jacoby-Koaly (drums & percussion), José Flamand (accordion) and choristers Jenna Jean and Jacques Marie.

Tickets are on sale at the Auditorium, O Pain and in Allmol for 20 euros.

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