Ultraconciertos welcomes Marcos Yaroide for his first virtual concert

It will be broadcast tomorrow, Sunday November 15, on the new “streaming” platform.

Marcos Yaroide 2

Marcos Yaroide is the second artist to launch the Ultraconciertos.com platform, this Sunday, November 15, under the production of Fidel Romeo.

Christian music lovers will have their moment with the “Marcos Yaroide Streaming” concert, which will start at 9:00 pm.

Yaroide will offer spectators his best songs and praises at the concert where he will be accompanied by special national and international guests.

“This concert is for the glory of God. At this time people need words of faith, words of encouragement, people need the bible, now is the time when people need God the most and that is why we will make this great event”, said the artist who is very happy to present his first virtual concert.

Romeo, the general producer of these concerts and creator of the platform http://www.ultraconciertos.com/ highlighted during a press conference held in recent days, that the concert by Sergio Vargas, who was the first singer to perform, was a success. Don Miguelo will be on stage on Sunday November 22 in “Don Miguelo Live 2.0” at 9:00 pm.

The concerts will cost US$ 10 dollars each and electronic tickets can be purchased from now on the website http://www.ultraconciertos.com/.