Slaï, the lover, is back with “Notre idylle”

Since April 1, Slaï is back with a new single where love is king as indicated by the song “Notre idylle” (Koumbeat Music). This is the first single from his next album. The voice of the artist has no wrinkle, the lyrics are filled with poetry, the music is obviously zouk-love with urban influences as Slaï knows to do so well as an author and composer, the arrangements are by Ismaël Maussion.

On his YouTube channel, the reactions from his many fans who were looking forward for his return are very positive following the release of the clip accompanying the track. This audio-visual material was directed by Alias LJ for Badfrog Pictures. The images were shot in Paris and Guadeloupe, notably at the beautiful Allée Dumanoir in Capesterre Belle-Eau, a highly touristic place.

Who hasn’t danced to one of Slaï’s hits, whose real name is Patrice Sylvestre, such as “La dernière danse”, “Après la tempête”, “Ce soir ou jamais”, or “Flamme”? In the early 2000s, the singer’s voice – born in 1973 in Sarcelles (Val d’Oise) in France to Guadeloupean parents – was on all local radio stations, his clips were broadcast on all the local TV stations before his talent appeared on the big stages and big media in France where he promoted “zouk love”, one of the variants of Zouk music.

His album entitled “Florilège”, released under the Sony/BMG label in 2004, will be certified double gold. In 2008, his album “Caraïbes” will be certified gold. Unfortunately, his next albums “Double Six” (2014) and “Escale” (2011) did not have the same success.

But Guadeloupean singer never gave up music during his years of absence. In fact, in 2013, he participated in the album “Tropical Family”, performing, among others, “Les Poèmes de Michelle” by Teri Moïse.

Since March 25 (and until next October), Slaï is going across the major cities of France (Dijon, Nantes, Lille, Toulouse, Amiens, Paris, Bordeaux etc.) as part of the tour “Back To Basic 2000” composed of stars who had hits at the beginning of the second millennium…