Mardi Gras in Basse-Terre: No fault for the revellers, zero for the organizers (1st part)

As is now customary, Basse-Terre, the capital of Guadeloupe, hosted the big Mardi Gras parade.

Because of the health crisis and the decision to organize the 2022 edition of carnival just a few days before the Jours Gras, only about twenty groups had announced their participation. The traditional big decorations were absent but the colorful costumes, the flamboyant make-up, the rhythmic choreographies, the catchy music and especially the great joy of the revellers delighted and thrilled the numerous spectators of Basse-Terre and the other municipalities of the archipelago massed along the parade route.

Unfortunately, the failure to respect the departure time of the parade at 2:00 pm, the lack of synchronization between the various departures of groups which gave rise to waits of one hour and the absence of the organizers of the parade in the departure area for a very long time is to be regretted. The president of the Office of the Carnival of Guadeloupe (OCG) arrived on site, he was often alone and seemed to be in over his head… Because of this delay, many spectators could not enjoy all the groups and had to leave the event to go home and respect the curfew of 11:00 pm ; others defied the ban.

Note that on the road to Petit-Paris, only about ten spectators were seen with a mask, often under the chin. “The Covid epidemic is over as Professor Raoult said, the mask is useless (…)”, a teacher told us.

Despite these adventures, Kariculture invites you to relive this carnival parade of Guadeloupe in time of Covid-19 with more than 170 photos published in 2 parts and about thirty videos to watch on our YouTube channel.