La Maison de l’Art in Basse-Terre starts a new life

Located at Baudot Street in Basse-Terre since 2014, La Maison de l’Art just changed its address. From now on, art lovers will have to go to Doctor Pitat Street to visit the exhibitions, to take art classes or to attend the debates (Ti Kozé) on the works of an artist who exhibits in the gallery.

la Maison de l'Art 5

It was with great emotion that the founder of the gallery, the artist Jipé Fronton, left these former premises but he recognizes the potential of the ground floor of this new building which was made available to the association Jipé F’awt by the municipality. “I liked the old address of La Maison de l’Art, I left a part of myself there, it was really hard to close the door and return the keys, but the page is turned. At 13, Doctor Pitat Street in Basse-Terre, it’s nice, it’s bigger (200 m2), the ceiling is high, there are 2 showrooms, an office, an interior courtyard with a small tank in the middle… This place has a history, it is a heritage”, he says.

The association already took possession of this new space in Doctor Pitat Street. Indeed, on Saturday, October 7, an open house entitled “Rêver c’est déjà créer” was organized so that the public visit the premises. Two free painting and craft workshops were offered to adults and children from 9 am to 5 pm.

Jipé Fronton remains confident concerning the future of this unmissable cultural venue in the capital. He wants to continue to promote artistic activities for the largest number of people. It must be said that since its creation, La Maison de l’Art has already organized more than 80 exhibitions (children and artists) and received more than 8,000 visitors.

la Maison de l'Art 19

La Maison de l’art, the only gallery in Basse-Terre

The artist invites again artists to exhibit in the city of Basse-Terre where they will be sure to find an audience and among them buyers for their works. “My wish is that art become accessible to all: parents, children, visitors, collectors, etc., but also artists from Guadeloupe exhibit more often in Basse-Terre, and not just in Grande-Terre. Since 2014 or even 2012, we have a magical place called “La Maison de l’Art”, the only gallery in the capital of Guadeloupe where the price for exhibitions is not expensive, compared to other places in the Grande-Terre…”, he says.

The artistic new year took place for children on Wednesday, October 11; they will be received every Wednesday to take plastic art classes organized in the “Timou Dali” workshop. La Maison de l’Art will start again all its activities in January 2018.

“I love the fact that art is hung like a leaf at the end of the branch which multiplies and turns into a chain of trees that leaves the spectator a feeling of cultural openness,” concludes Jipé Fronton who is also the artistic and technical director of the gallery.