Singer-songwriter Cristian Berroa launches album “Soy” with video clips produced by Jean Guerra

Cristian Berroa

Each song in this production will be released one a month throughout 2024.

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Dominican singer-songwriter Cristian Berroa is back on the music scene with “Soy”, an album composed of eight songs with video clips produced by Jean Guerra.

“Soy” is a mix of tropical genres, ballads and pop rock with a fresh sound that maintains firm his Dominican roots.

The first single of this production is titled “Tú y Yo”, and is about a love story that defies expectations and becomes the backbone of a solid and lasting relationship.

This song, which embodies the essence of Berroa, is just the beginning of a musical journey that promises to thrill and move.

“Soy” consists of eight carefully selected songs that represent different stages of the artist’s life and experiences. With this production Berroa shares his heart and essence through each melody.

“This production is a compilation of all my compositions made at different stages of my life and with different experiences”, said the artist.

Each song of this production will be released one per month throughout 2024 along with its video clip, which was produced by Milbert Perez and Jean Guerra, son of famous artist Juan Luis Guerra, with his company Guerra Films.

Jean Guerra

About Cristian Berroa

Berroa, who began his solo career in 2012, has come a long way in the music industry. From his beginnings in reality shows such as “Que Viva el Merengue” in 2005 and “Una Estrella para el Festival Presidente” in 2010, to his participation in musical works and his collaboration with prominent artists such as: Milly Quezada, Eddy Herrera, Aljadaqui, Pavel Núñez, Covi Quintana, among others.

All of the artist’s music is available on his digital platforms: Instagram: @cristianberroa; YouTube: @cristianberroamusic; Spotify: Cristian Berroa; TikTok: @cristianberroamusic.

Cristian Berroa