Mystical and talented Jah9 sings “Ma’at (Each Man)”

Jamaican singer Jah9 released her new single “Ma’at (Each Man)” on November 15 at VP Records. This is the second title of her album Note to Self planned for 2020. As usual, the 37-year-old artist wants to deliver a message of awareness to her fans and to the world.


Jah9 fans and all the other people who do not know her yet will listen to this reggae song – “Ma’at (Each Man)” – for its lyrics, for its music and for the powerful and deep voice of the artist that is often compared to that of her American older sisters such as Ella Fitzgerald or Nina Simone… And as an explanation, Natasha and Dane from VP Records – the world’s largest record company dedicated to one of the Jamaican national music, reggae, tells us that: “Jah9 is rooted and motivated by each man reaching his / her full potential. This motivation is shared through her music which she uses as a pen with specific lyrics (messages) for her fans. “Ma’at (Each Man)” is the second lead single from Jah9’s album “Note to Self”, due March, 2020. Combining themes from Egyptology with livity of today, 9 rouses us to evaluate our actions by asking why we do the things we do… is it for ‘likes’ and ratings, or do we do what we do to be right within and keep our heart as light as a feather? Team Jah9, listeners said “Ma’at (Each Man)” resonates with them because 9 is speaking directly to their well-being”.

Jah9 whose real name is Janine Cunningham lived until she was 9 years old in Falmouth in the region of Trelawny before settling with her family in the Jamaican capital, Kingston, in 1991. Her father being a preacher and her mother a social worker, the girl quickly became aware of injustice of society. When she joined the University of the West Indies (UWI), she met brothers of the Rastafari movement, she listened to the teachings of Haile Selassie I and discovered dub reggae. So, she became “Jah9”, the number 9 symbolizing “creation and womb of the universe”, according to her story. In 2009, the young woman is 27, she began to write the lyrics of her songs which were full of poetry and record with keyboardist and flautist Sheldon Bernard, singer Beres Hammond and, in 2010, producer Donovan Bennett (Don Corleon Records) will release her first two singles. Her first album, produced by Roots Stone Love Gilligan and titled “New Name” will receive a warm welcome in the reggae world. She describes her musical rhythm as “Jazz on Dub”. Three years later, her talent led her to perform in major reggae festivals with her group “The Dub Treatment”… The artist who is a community activist is a yoga teacher and she teaches her fans a yoga based on the rhythm she calls “Yoga on Dub” invites you to listen to “Ma’at (Each Man)”.