Frank Perozo and Nashla Bogaert, king and queen of the 2019 National Carnival Parade

The Minister of Culture, architect Eduardo Selman, presided over the coronation ceremony in which he said that the recognized Dominican actors are worthy representatives of Dominican cinema.

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The minister of Culture, architect Eduardo Selman and the vice minister of Culture, Edilí Pichardo, crown the artists Nashla Bogaert and Fran Perozo as kings of the National Parade of the Carnival of Santo Domingo 2019.

The outstanding actors of the emerging Dominican film industry, Frank Perozo and Nashla Bogaert, were crowned king and queen of the 2019 National Carnival Parade, during a ceremony led by the Minister of Culture, architect Eduardo Selman.

During the ceremony that took place in the Rotunda Hall of the Palace of Fine Arts, were also presented the details of the parade that will be held on March 3, 2019, from at 2:00 pm, on the walk of the District National, with the special dedication to Puerto Plata and in tribute to Casandra Damirón on the occasion of the centenary of her birth.

The Minister of Culture, Eduardo Selman, and the vice-minister Edilí Pichardo, put the crowns on kings’ head of the Carnival parade, the actress Nashla Bogaert and the actor Frank Perozo.

Both artists also received from the Minister Eduardo Selman the plates that accredit them as the kings of the National Parade of Santo Domingo Carnival 2019.

Prior to the coronation, the Minister of Culture explained the decision to elect Bogaert and Perozo as parade kings, noting that both are two outstanding actors in Dominican cinema dynamics which was supported by the government of President Danilo Medina.

During the ceremony, was revealed the theme song of the 2019 National Carnival Parade, entitled “Que salgan los comparsas”, the winner of the first prize in the competition organized by the Ministry of Culture.

Prior to the coronation, the Carnival National Director, Reyes Moore Montalvo, presented the details of the 2019 carnival parade celebration. Moore Montalvo explained that, for the first time, the 32 provinces of the country will participate in the traditional parade, their comparsas and characters will parade on George Washington Avenue (malecón), showing the folklore and diversity of cultural expressions that identify each region of the Republic Dominican. In addition, Moore Montalvo said that the comparsas which symbolize cultural heritage and traditions of the regions of the country will parade in the categories: Cojuelos Devils, Historical, Ali-Baba, Individual Character, Mask, Fantasy, Traditional and Historical.

In addition to Selman, who was with his wife, Gloria de Selman, and vice-minister Pichardo, attended the ceremony Juan Morales and Oscar Holguín Veras (vice-ministers), Billy Hasbún (director of International Relations of the MINC), Milagros Peralta (director of Human Resources) and Altagracia Fernández, (director of Provinces), among other authorities.

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About the king and the queen

Francisco Ernesto Perozo is an actor, assistant director and a producer of Dominican cinema, born on November 25, 1977. He filmed for American cinema and television. In 2002 he won the Best Actor Award at the International Film Festival of Milan for his performance in “Washington Heights”, and has starred in local films such as “La soga” (2009) and “Ponchao” (2013). Through the distributor Caribbean Cinema, he produced his first film intitled “Colao”, and was in charge of the direction of Dominican actor Manny Pérez, in the performance of “Antonio”, a coffee producer who leaves his job to devote himself to the love of his life. He is known in the cinematographic field as one of the most prolific Dominican actors. With Nashla Bogaert, he played in the film entitled “¿Quién manda?”, in 2013.

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Nashla Bogaert was born on May 11, 1986, in San Francisco de Macorís. She is an actress and presenter of Dominican television. She is recognized for her roles in the films ¿Quién Manda?”, “Código Paz” et “Reinbou”. Bogaert is co-producer of Dominicana’s Got Talent, the Dominican version of the British tele-reality Got Talent, by Simon Cowell. He won the Sovereign Prize for Best Actress for her participation in the film entitled “¿Quién manda?”. In addition, he won a prize among the Premios Platino del Cine Iberoamericano 2014.

In her filmography: Viajeros (2006), Yuniol (2007), Enigma (2008), Cristiano de la Secreta (2009), Asuntos Extranjeros (Cuba 2012), ¿Quién Manda? (2013), Código Paz (2014), La Gunguna (2015), Ladrones (2015), Todos los hombres son iguales (2016), Todas las mujeres son iguales (2017), Colao (2017), Reinbou (2017), Trabajo Sucio (2018) and Nadie Muere en Ambrosía (2018).