Yelitza Lora left DR and arrived on radio in the United States

Yelitza Lora joined Dominican businessman Miguel Amador, creator of several radio stations in different cities in the United States.

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Multifaceted communicator Yelitza Lora said goodbye to the Dominican Republic, and assumes a new role as Marketing Director at Ritmo Broadcasting Llc, a media company in southern New Jersey, where she will also broadcast her program “Otra Cosa Radio” from Monday to Friday, from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Ritmo FM began broadcasting on June 1st on 92.9 FM in the city of Trenton and 104.1 FM in the city Cherry Hill, New Jersey, as well as via the internet through its app and website.

Yelitza joined Dominican entrepreneur Miguel Amador, who has more than 20 years of experience in the Hispanic market, creator of stations such as : Ritmo 96.9 FM in the city of Wilmington ; NJ 105.7 FM in the city of Vineland ; Wifi FM in English, among others.

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In addition to Latin music, Ritmo FM will offer a varied and totally live programming, featuring other recognized talents such as the outstanding Cuban-American presenter, Enrique Santos, who will have his morning show from 6 am to 10 am ; Valerie Morales, Jay Serrano and Joey Rivera from Monday to Friday ; on weekends, Dj Durísimo, Dj Junior, Dj Benny Love, Kristin Mercado and James Zapata.

“It’s great to see a concept as unique as Otra Cosa Radio, which was born in the Dominican Republic like me, and today can be reborn to continue growing, expanding and developing far from its origin, without losing its usual goal : to contribute to my generation”, the actress said.

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Yelitza, who is currently living a new experience as the mother of her first daughter and wife after her recent marriage, has a show which includes sections such as “Señores, hay que casarse!”, “Cositas de salud”, “Todo queda en familia”, “Mecánica Rosa”, entertainment, cinema, wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health, among others.

“It is the first opportunity I have had to address a new community outside my usual field ; it fills me with emotion and at the same time it commits me much more to my profession. Here I am not just Yelitza Lora, I am a Dominican who represents her people and I will speak for them. I missed the microphones a lot, and this new stage that I am living as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a human being, will allow me to connect in a different way with our audience, I am not the same, and the show will not be the same”, she said.

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For his part, Miguel Amador is happy to build a team of professionals who will serve as a bridge for the Dominican community in southern New Jersey.

“We think that Dominicans need more media and more stages, this country is vast and it is time to continue to develop, there is another audience in this area and we found that it likes our form of entertainment. Ritmo FM aims to fill that cultural void, and we want Dominican artists and Latinos in general to be able to feel worthily represented in this area of the United States”, he said.

Ritmo FM is the first Hispanic FM radio frequency in Southern New Jersey, on 92.9 FM in the city of Trenton and 104.1 FM in the town of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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