Wilfrido Vargas goes back to the Dominican place

The successful producer and musical director premiered video on Thursday, July 12 at Chévere Night and, on Friday, July 13, on all national radio stations, the song “El Cuchicheo”.

Wilfrido Vargas

Considered one of the most innovative and important musicians of the tropical rhythm since his debut in the 1970s, Wilfrido Vargas returns to the music industry with a merengue that flirts with the urban sound of this time.

The award-winning musician, from Altamira in the Dominican Republic and one of the leaders of the emblematic Dominican native rhythm who achieved with “El Jardinero” the first fusion of merengue and rap, premiered his new song “El cuchicheo“, on Friday, July 13, on national radio stations.

Authored by the experienced composer Rudy Ventura and produced by Colombian Lessing Kerguelen, “El cuchicheo” arrives with a video directed by Adrián Pucheu, filmed in beautiful locations in the Dominican Republic.

The merengue tells the story of a couple who maintain a hidden romance, but the rumour reached the girl’s parents and the boy decides to face up to his reponsabilities by expressing their good feelings.“Le fueron con el cuento a tu pai’.. de que te estás viendo conmigo, ya la radio bemba el chisme no se aguantoooo. Y que lo sepa todo el mundo entero, que tú eres mi reina y que por ti me mueroooo…”, says the refrain of this contagious song.

Vargas 1

“The King is Back”, a new proposal

Vargas, who continues to take his art to Belgium, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru and other nations where he remains as current as the first day, is preparing to retake, according to the rules, the Dominican place. “I’ve been far from recording studios for a long time, but not from the stages. I have a story that I will not let die as long as I will breathe. “The King is Back” is a new, fresh and different proposal that continues to write my story together with the history of merengue. After observing for many years, from a kind of balcony, how the rhythms evolved and how the world of music developed, I create this song with the help of young talents and a great team of work. “El Cuchicheo” is the result of new times without being far from Wilfrido Vargas’s essence to which the audience is accustomed”, said Wilfrido about his decision to retake the place where he was born more than four decades ago.

The visual work of “El cuchicheo” premiered on Thursday, July 12 in the program called “Chévere Nights” which was broadcast at 10:00 pm on Telesistema, channel 11.

With this rich musical and visual proposal, El Beduino Mayor goes back to the Dominican place with the same determination with which he conquered the world with hits like Así así”, “Volveré”, “El africano”, “El loco y la luna”, “El jardinero”, “El baile del perrito”, “Por la plata baila el mono” and other great contributions that make up his extensive discography.

The successful orchestra conductor returns with a renewed front, made up of three young talents, according to his characteristic rule to give opportunities to new generations.

Wilfrido Vargas continues to travel around the world with his art, gaining applause through the success of that endless repertoire and with merengue as a standard for a country called the Dominican Republic.