The Ministry of Culture will assist magazine

In our previous editorial published on September 11, we informed you of all problems has and all the steps we had taken to save our cultural webmagazine.

Today, we are very happy to tell our readers and all people who gave us their moral support the good news.

On October 16, we received a letter from the General Management of Media and Cultural industries of the French Ministry of Culture which informed us that the Club des Innovateurs (Club of Innovators) that met on September 23, 2019, in Paris gave a favourable opinion to the financial assistance requested by

Indeed, our trilingual magazine (French, English and Spanish) that has just celebrated its 3 years of existence will be supported by the French Ministry of Culture to continue promoting all artistic disciplines and the cultural heritage on the French islands (Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin and St Barthélemy) and others Caribbean islands.

It must be said that is a pioneer in digital press in Guadeloupe. Its articles are written by Caribbean professional journalists (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Martinique etc.), specialized in culture. 

We express our thanks to the people who worked for the press pluralism in Guadeloupe and the rapprochement of Caribbean peoples through culture by giving us this grant.

However, a question remains unanswered: if the Club of Innovators of the Ministry of Culture sees the innovative side of the webmagazine, why our local decision-makers do not see it ?