The merenguero Eddy Herrera presents “A Otro Nivel”

Eddy Herrera known as the "Gallant of Merengue"

Almost six years after his last record entitled “Viviendo al tiempo” was released, the Dominican singer Eddy Herrera is preparing to launch this next August 11, in the main digital platforms, his new album “A Otro Nivel”, with the support of the record company Codiscos.

Eddy Herrera 2

The record that will be presented on this same date in Colombia, then in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica and the United States, has 13 songs of which 12 are merengue all with arrangements highlighting rich tropical fusions and a version in slow of merenguePara Toda la Vida”, which is currently very popular in the country as well as in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

“In February 2016, I started to flirt with the production of this new album which is the one that took me the most time to elaborate. Initially there were ten songs but as time passed, good songs came from various composers and, in the end, we got thirteen songs on the album”, said the versatile singer.

“A Otro Nivel” benefited from Eddy’s own musical production with Moisés Sánchez, it was co-produced by Martín De León and Edwin García, mixing and mastering were made by Venezuelan Ramsés Alegría, one of the best technicians in Latin America.

“In early 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a very interesting conversation with one of Codiscos’ directors, Mr. Alvaro Picón, with the intention of reaching a good record agreement between both parties and this was effective from the first meeting. We started this three-year agreement with the launch of my new single and the first one with Codiscos, “Para Toda la Vida”, and its video clip was shot. It is a pleasure for me to be part of artists’ catalog of Codiscos and I am sure that this three years contract will be very profitable for both”, explained the “Gallant of Merengue”.