The island of Dominica pays tribute to Cadence-Lypso

Fitzroy Williams - Midnight Groovers - Jeff Joseph

In the 1970s, the cadence-lypso of English-speaking and Creole-speaking Dominica was a very popular music. In Guadeloupe, a French-speaking and Creole-speaking island, some remember that during the eruption of La Soufrière volcano in 1976, this music resounded in all the transistor radios. The inhabitants of French-speaking and Creole-speaking Martinique and English-speaking and Creole-speaking Saint Lucia also have vivid memories of the artists of this successful musical movement who performed in all the great balls of that time.

To celebrate this music which is part of its cultural heritage Dominica is organizing the “Cadence-Lypso Tribute Festival” from July 29 to 31, 2022 at Windsor Park Stadium, Roseau.

“Doing it for the #culture. Dominica is rich and unique, being the home to many musicians, artists and performers who preserve our culture. This July, come and celebrate with us as we pay tribute to some of the biggest contributors to our Cadence-lypso culture. Join us each night as we pay tribute to some of the influencers of Cadence at the Windsor Park Stadium forecourt”, the organizers wrote on the Dominica Festivals Facebook page, which includes all of the island’s cultural events.

During these three nights, a tribute will be paid to artists : on July 29 to the band Midnight Groovers, author of the hit “Ail soucouer sac ou” ; on July 30 to Jeff Joe (Joseph), the founder of the band Grammaks who died in 2011 at the age of 58 ; on July 31 to Fitzroy Williams of the band Exile One, created by Gordon Henderson.

Cadence-Lypso Flyer C