Silansyeux on stage with “Translam”

Thierry Mapoula aka Silansyeux

From October 13 to 24, the Collectif des Espaces de Diffusion Artistique et Culturelle (CEDAC) presents “Translam”, the last show by Guadeloupean slam poet Silansyeux whose real name is Thierry Mapoula.

Thierry Mapoula Silansyeux 2

During this ten-days tour which will take him to five towns and communes on the island (Basse-Terre, Le Moule, Baie-Mahault, Les Abymes et Pointe-à-Pitre), Thierry Mapoula also known as Silansyeux will invite the audience to discover a concept he created and he calls “Kaaz”, that means the Ka from A to Z.

From three fundamental themes namely “We, creators of people and life”, “What we are” and “What we become”, the artist asks us to question our past, our present and our future. His thought is based on our cultural heritage and more specifically on the Ka drum as well as the works composed by our famous gwoka singers, some of them are already dead, who make the Guadeloupean people aware of the dangers of modern society, among other things.

On stage, Silansyeux and his musicians – Jacques-Marie Basse (percussion and keyboard), Klod Kiavué (percussion) and Roland Galas (saxophone) – promise “a journey between words and notes which are partners” and “an invitation to discuss, communicate with conviviality between the audience and the band”.

In addition, during this tour (on October 16 in Le Moule and October 23 in Baie-Mahault), the artist will organize for schoolchildren, secondary school students and prisoners a workshop titled “Discover who you are through slam”.

Thierry Mapoula Silansyeux 3