Rum “Legado El Caballo Mayor”, in tribute to the famous merenguero Johnny Ventura, arrives to Santiago

Maria Bouche, Jack Astacio and Jandy Ventura

The rum is also on sale at the Dufry duty-free shops at Las Americas Airport and will soon be available throughout the Dominican Republic, as well as in international markets, starting with Puerto Rico, New York, Miami and Spain.

With the purpose of continuing to promote the local industry and betting on the highest quality products, Pura Sangre Music, Dufry Dominicana and the liquor company J&J Spirits, presented at the Cibao International Airport the new rum brand called “Legado El Caballo Mayor” (The Great Horse Legacy), an Ultra Premium rum that exalts the career and work of the legendary merenguero Johnny Ventura made entirely by hand by artisans of the Dominican Republic.

The collector’s gift made to remember the Caballo, which is also available at the duty-free shops at Las Americas International Airport, is packaged in a fine cognac-style bottle, with a deep embossed metallic label, a cork and an emblematic neck with Johnny Ventura’s signature engraved on it. It is aged in American oak barrels and has characteristic elements such as: orange amber color, exquisite flavor that lingers on the palate, hints of vanilla and chocolate, pleasant aftertaste and outstanding smoothness.

Ron Legado el Cabello Mayor 2

Jandy and Juan José Ventura were present during an event held in the duty-free shop area of the Cibao International Airport as well as María Bouche, General Manager of Dufry Dominicana and Jack Astacio, CEO of J&J Spirits and media representatives.

“The exclusive formula of the product is drawn from J&J Spirits’ notes and liquor experience, in collaboration with Pura Sangre Music, considering that it should be the best rum in the world. The product will soon be available throughout the Dominican Republic, as well as on international markets, starting with Puerto Rico, New York, Miami and Spain”, said Jack Astacio, CEO of J&J Spirits.

For his part, Jandy Ventura, said that this Ultra Premium rum reaffirms the commitment to keep his father’s legacy alive, a project that provides rum lovers with a high quality collector’s product.

Meanwhile, Maria Bouche, General Manager of Dufry Dominicana, said that this alliance strengthens the commercial operations with local production, offering passenger customers an innovative and high quality offer as is the custom with leader Dufry.

Ron Legado el Cabello Mayor 3

About Dufry

Dufry AG is a leading global travel chain operating in more than 65 countries and 400 locations. With more than 2,200 shops around the world, it offers duty-free products such as liquor, cosmetics, confectionery, jewelry, among others to travelers around the world. These shops are located in airports, cruise ships, cruise terminals, ports and other tourist places. Solidly established in the Dominican Republic since 2005, Dufry has more than 22 duty free shops in 9 locations in the country, spread across airports and cruise ship docks, among which we can mention Las Americas Airport, Cibao Airport, Puerto Plata Airport, La Romana and Amber Cove Cruise Port.

About Pura Sangre Music

Leader in the development of content for the entertainment industry, it is based in the Dominican Republic and with offices in Miami, Florida, United States of America and directed by Jandy Ventura, El Legado. The purpose of the entity is, among other things, to give continuity to the career of the greatest merenguero in history, Johnny Ventura.

About J&J Spirits

J&J Spirits is a pioneer in the production of fine alcoholic beverages and creator of the ready-to-drink Mamajuana. In its liquor shop located in the Dominican Republic, several innovative brands are produced, such as Kalembú, ND New Dominican, MS Morir Soñando, Chinello, Legado El Caballo Mayor, among other prestigious brands representative of the highest Dominican spirit.